Set in 65 acres in North Side.  the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is one of Grand Cayman’s top attractions.

The magnificent grounds showcase the natural beauty, culture and history of the islands.

There are seven main attractions at the park: The Visitor’s Centre, the Floral Garden, Orchid Boardwalk, Xerophytic Garden, Heritage Garden, Woodland Trail and the Children’s Garden.

The Heritage Garden is set around a restored traditional Caymanian cottage, and features trees and plants that played an important role in Cayman’s history. The cottage sports a white sand yard interspersed with ornamental plants, a walkway lined with conch shells and a cook room known as a ‘caboose’.

The park also houses the Blue Iguana Conservation captive breeding facility, where visitors can get up close and personal with Grand Cayman’s iconic large lizard. Blue iguanas are an endangered species found nowhere else and are being captive-bred to help ensure their survival.

A recent addition to the park is the Children’s Garden, featuring a splash pad, larger-than-life animal sculptures, observation tower, discovery pond and tunnel area.