You don’t have to be in a big city in order to get the shopping bug.

In fact, it’s sometimes nice to browse at a leisurely pace while discovering items unique to a destination.

Cayman offers the best of both worlds – quaint shops and markets where you can buy original paintings, local crafts and simple island-wear, as well as high-end boutiques that represent some of the biggest designer names in the world.

While shopping, don’t forget that certain items in Cayman are duty-free. That means nice savings on leather goods, beauty products and cameras. Compare prices to elsewhere in the world and you may have a nice surprise.

Head to central George Town for an array of duty-free stores offering the very best in jewellery, watches, leather goods and perfumes. The newly pedestrianised Cardinall Avenue, and nearby Fort Street, Bayshore Mall and the open-air Cayman Craft market are perfect spots to meander.

Camana Bay, near the Seven Mile Beach strip, offers highend jewellery stores, clothing, and home goods as well as numerous restaurants where you can recharge in between shopping hauls.

Some of Cayman’s hotels also have in-store boutiques, while smaller, independent stores can be found island-wide, offering unique Cayman-specific items to remember your vacation by.


Did you know that Caymanite is an uncommon form of dolomite found exclusively in these islands? When polished, its luminous layers reveal a lustre that is beautifully highlighted in pieces of jewellery. Look for a keepsake to suit you that will always remind you of your trip to the islands.

IMAGE: Patrice A. Morgan for Launa’s Caymanite Jewelry