IMAGE: Ben Phillips
IMAGES: Elizabeth Wyatt

Diving is a big draw to the Sister Islands which boast some of the best underwater vistas. Both islands are world-renowned for their healthy reefs and incredible visibility.

There are numerous shore dives as well as spectacular wall diving. With more than 100 sites between the two islands, divers of all skill levels have plenty of options when it comes to exploring the underwater world.

Cayman Brac

The island’s signature site is the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck, a 330-foot Russian destroyer that was sunk in 1996. This artificial reef attracts eagle rays, groupers, turtles, snapper and angelfish.

Cayman Brac is also noted for its excellent shore diving, with sites dotted around the island. Check out Stake Bay, Charlie’s Reef and Kissimmee wreck.

Little Cayman

Little Cayman’s spectacular Bloody Bay Wall is the island’s star dive attraction, which starts at just 18 feet and plunges dramatically into the abyss. It features many species of fish and marine life such as eagle rays, moray eels, groupers, turtles and barracuda.

Jackson Bay is another popular spot to explore. It boasts beautiful coral reefs, breathtaking drop-offs and an abundance of marine life including eagle rays and turtles.


Underwater photographer Ben Phillips of Next Level Photography has logged more than 6,000 dives in some of the world’s top diving destinations. Here is his list of favourite dive sites in the Sister Islands.

1. Best boat dive: Nancy’s Cup of Tea, Little Cayman
2. Best shore dive: Bus Stop, Little Cayman
3. Best dive spot for beginners: Lea Lea’s Lookout, Little Cayman
4. Best wreck dive: MV Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck, Cayman Brac
5. Best night dive: Marilyn’s Cut, Little Cayman
6. Best shark dive: Bus Stop/The Meadows, Little Cayman