The Cayman Islands has its very own traditional crafts which make great keepsakes with their unique materials and designs.

These include thatch items such as sunhats and bags, which have been adapted from old-time techniques. In days gone by, out of necessity, islanders used the leaves of the silver thatch palm tree to create essential goods. Nowadays they make great fashion statements on holiday or at home.

Caymanite makes for another beautiful gift for yourself or others. This stone, found only in the Cayman Islands, is hand-hewn from the rocks and turned into stylish jewellery that is sure to turn heads.

The gig, as the spinning top in Cayman is known, is a toy made by hand from local wood and shaped like an upside-down teardrop. Gigs are prized by children, collectors, and cultural custodians.

Another item of unique function, fun and beauty is the wauri board, made from a single piece of wood, which is used to play a traditional game. Sometimes called a mancala board, the game is played with seeds, often nickernuts (seeds from the gray nickernut tree).

Keep an eye open for these and other traditional crafts at markets and culture events.

IMAGE: Patrice A. Morgan for Launa’s Caymanite Jewelry