Cayman Arts Festival

Cayman’s largest performing arts festival attracts world-class artists for a week of performances including jazz, classical and chamber music as well as dance and visual arts events. Held annually in February.

Coco Fest

Coco Fest celebrates the Cayman coconut, preserving its ties to the islands’ culture and heritage. Held in February at Pedro St. James, the festival features food, products, demonstrations and crafts made from the coconut. Presented by the Tourism Attraction Board.


The Cayman Islands National Festival of Arts, Cayfest, is an annual celebration hosted in February/March by the Cayman National Cultural Foundation. It showcases the islands’ cultural diversity and artistic talent. Red Sky at Night is Cayfest’s anchor event, featuring music, dance and storytelling, as well as a market showcasing works by local artists.

Cayman Carnival Batabano

Cayman’s national carnival features music, dance and colourful costumes in true Caribbean fashion. Thousands of spectators line the streets to watch the parade, where participants join together to compete and showcase creative costumes, choreography and floats. Held annually in May, the name Batabano is a nod to Cayman’s turtling heritage as the word refers to the tracks left in the sand by sea turtles.

CayMAS Carnival

Revellers take to the streets to showcase spectacular costumes, music and dance, embracing island culture and heritage. The street parade is a carnival of mas (short for masquerade) bands, each with its own colours and theme. Held in July, CayMAS includes soca and steel pan competitions, parties and fetes.

Pirates Fest

This national festival takes over the whole of Grand Cayman with a parade, heritage days, music, street dances, local food, fireworks and other swashbuckling fun. Popular events include a mock pirate invasion, cardboard boat regatta and float parade. The Sister Islands also host events. In 2022, the event known as Pirates Week expanded to include festivities spanning 12 weeks, from September to November.

*Visit the festival websites as dates and events are subject to change.