If you are looking for quality garments with a distinct nod to the beauty and tones of the Cayman Islands, you should look at pieces created by local designers that have made their names both here and abroad.

From award-winning runway star, Isy Obi of Isy B. Designs to Olivia B, who represented Cayman at New York Fashion Week 2016; Kenzie Rose, the woman who has dressed Miss Cayman Islands Universe in splendour at the international pageant; the extraordinarily creative Laura Anderton of Laura Anderton Millinery; and London-based Jawara Alleyne, there is no shortage of talent grown here.

Isy B. Designs

Sand Angels in Camana Bay is one of the high-end boutiques that carries Isy B. Designs. But the label’s influence stretches far beyond the borders of the islands, with Isy winning ‘Lifestyle Designer of the Year’ at Phoenix Fashion Week in the US, among other accolades.

Her latest collection ‘The Storyteller Collection’ is now available to browse and buy. It is colourful, creative, and perfectly suited to time well spent in the islands.

Olivia B and Kenzie Rose

Olivia B and Kenzie Rose are known for their bespoke pieces, particularly when clients want to dial up the glam factor. Kenzie promotes herself as offering custom wedding, pageant, costume and evening wear by special order.

“People come to me when they have something special in mind and I create a one-of-a-kind outfit for them,” Olivia says.

Kenzie and Olivia both have Instagram accounts which demonstrate their creativity. Visit @oliviabdesigns and @krosecayman for a taste of their fabulous creations.

Norma Ebanks

Another name known in Cayman for her designs and subsequent creations is Norma Ebanks of Creative Fashion and Design, located upstairs in Tropical Plaza on Smith Road. It might not be apparent from the outside, but inside, magic happens. Norma has been a seamstress and designer for 30 years and has created gowns for high-end clients attending some of the biggest galas of the season.

Laura Anderton Millinery

A great hat never goes out of style, and one as exquisitely handmade as those created by Laura Anderton should be absolutely treasured.

Laura is constantly called upon to create one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art for everything from weddings to state occasions, and even Royal Ascot.

She uses nothing but the best materials for her masterpieces, which have been proudly worn around the globe.

Jawara Alleyne

Jawara Alleyne is a force to be reckoned with. He graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2016, got his masters in fashion from Central Saint Martins in 2020, co-founded Nii Agency with photographer and collaborator, Cambell Addy, and is currently supported by Fashion East. There is no doubt that his will be a worldwide name in the near future.