Watersports enthusiasts have numerous options when it comes to playing on the waves, spanning from kiteboarding and kayaking to paddleboarding and parasailing. Here are some of the best water-based activities to get your feet wet:


A tranquil way to explore the coastline, kayaks let you travel under your own steam. Take a guided tour through the mysterious mangroves or paddle out to a magical bioluminescent bay after dark, where a startling underwater light show, courtesy of Mother Nature, awaits. Bioluminescent kayak tours are best on the darkest nights of the lunar cycle.


Fly high in the sky with a parasailing adventure. You’ll be held aloft by a parachute attached to the boat below. Enjoy a bird’s eye view when you’re winched several hundred feet into the air. Tandem parasailing experiences are available, so that you can ascend with a friend.

Personal watercraft

Jet Skis and Waverunners can be rented at various locations. Easy to operate, you can be skimming over the waves at high speed in no time at all. Guided safaris, with snorkel stops, are also available.


Stand up paddleboarding offers a fun way to explore, with Cayman’s warm, calm waters making it an ideal fit for the sport. Paddleboarding can provide a full body workout, but you can also slow it down for a leisurely cruise. It takes minutes to get to grips with paddling on the large, stable beginners’ boards, and a lifetime of fun once you progress to paddleboard racing, surfing and yoga.


Steady breezes, warm water and calm lagoons make Cayman a good location to try out this popular watersport. Various kitesurfing schools offer everything from two-hour introductory classes to zero-to-hero courses. East End, Barker’s in West Bay and Little Cayman are some of the best places to learn and practise.

Sunset cruises

There’s nothing quite like sailing into the sunset on Cayman’s beckoning waters, soaking up the scenery while cruising along the coastline. It’s a relaxing way to end the day, with tours offering appetisers and a cash bar. Excursions typically last two hours and are offered by numerous charter companies.

Yacht charters

Cruise across North Sound, interact with the stingrays, snorkel over coral gardens and enjoy cocktails as the sun sets – it’s all in a day’s cruising. Both motor and sail boats offer half day, full day and sunset charters for you and your party, with itineraries tailored to suit.

Party boats

Party on a boat while cruising Cayman’s clear blue waters. Visitors can arrange a private charter or join one of several party boat excursions organised throughout the year. Music, dancing and a cash bar are all on board, with Stingray City and the Sandbar, Starfish Point beach and Kaibo Beach Bar among the most popular stops along the way.


While out on the water, make sure to use reef-friendly sunscreen, wear protective clothing and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.