Cayman Brac - limestone bluff that runs through the middle of the island
Limestone bluff that runs through the middle of Cayman Brac

Rugged and charming, Cayman Brac is an ideal getaway for nature lovers and adventurers.

The most striking feature of this 12-mile-long isle is a limestone bluff that runs through the middle of the island, rising dramatically to some 150-feet above sea level at the eastern tip.

What to see and do

A not-to-be-missed excursion is hiking the bluff which offers spectacular panoramic views. The brown booby bird nests in the crevices and ledges along the cliffs and it’s easy to observe these curious seabirds up close. The bluff is honeycombed with caves and its walls are a big draw for rock climbers.

Caving is a must-do adventure as Cayman Brac is home to hundreds of limestone caverns and chambers that have been naturally carved over millions of years. Several have been modified with steps and handrails to provide ease of access, such as the Bat Cave, Half-Way Ground Cave and Rebecca’s Cave. The Brac’s caves were – and still are – used as hurricane shelters.

There are many nature trails across the island, including one that meanders through the Brac Parrot Reserve. You can spot these colourful birds while strolling along a 600-foot wooden boardwalk that winds its way through an ancient dry-wood forest.

Long Beach on the northeastern edge is a spectacular hike at the bluff’s rocky base that is blanketed with sea grape trees.

Fishing is a big lure to the island, with deep-sea excursions available through charter companies.

For a taste of local heritage and history, visit Heritage House and the Cayman Brac Museum.



When exploring caves or hiking the bluff, be sure to wear sturdy shoes as the terrain can be rocky and uneven. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Photo Gallery

Below: Natural beauty abounds on Cayman Brac; Public Beach on the south coast; ladder leading to the Great Cave; unwind with a spa treatment; sunset at Cayman Brac Beach Resort; beautiful bougainvillea; the limestone bluff is honeycombed with caves; sample local fare on-island.


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